Volume 27: 2014

Peer Reviewed Papers
January 28, 2014

Hydrogen Production Using Solar Energy
Jeremiah F. Wilson, Sesha S. Srinivasan, Bria M. Moore, Lamont Henderson, Sammie Ely III, P. C. Sharma

How Tongue Size and Roughness Affect Lapping
M. J. Hubbard and K. M. Hay

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Article Guidelines

Interested in submitting a paper to JURP? Whether it be in experimental physics, theoretical physics or educational research, JURP is devoted to publishing research done by undergraduate students. JURP follow's the American Institute of Physics's statement of ethics and responsibilities. Below you'll find the guidelines we expect all authors to follow before they submit a manuscript for consideration.


The author(s) must have performed all work reported in the paper as an undergraduate student(s). The subject matter of the paper is open to any area of pure or applied physics or physics related field.


Each paper must be sponsored by a full-time faculty member of the department in which the research was done. A letter from the sponsor, certifying that the work was done by the author as an undergraduate and that the sponsor was willing to be acknowledged at the end of the paper, must accompany the manuscript if it is to be considered for publication.


Manuscripts may be submitted electronically (preferred) at http://jurp.peerx-press.org, or a paper copy may be mailed to the Assistant Editor at the address below:

Toni Sauncy, PhD, Editor
The Journal of Undergraduate Research in Physics
Society of Physics Students
One Physics Ellipse
College Park, MD 20740

For more detailed information on manuscript preparation, read Preparing a Manuscript for Publication, by Dr. Rex E. Adelberger, former editor.

Authors must include an email address, telephone number, and address where they can be reached. There are no submission deadlines, as JURP is published online. Papers are published to the website upon the completion of the peer review process.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by email or at (301) 209-3013.


The manuscript should by typed, double spaced, on 8 1/2 x 11 inch sheets. Margins of about 1 inch should be left on the top, sides, and bottom of each page. Papers should be limited to fifteen pages of text in addition to an abstract (required, not to exceed 500 words), keywords (at least two), and appropriate drawings, pictures, and tables.

When writing your article, we ask that you keep in mind your audience. JURP is unique in that its audience is junior and senior physics majors. Keep this in mind when you write your article.We strongly encourage authors to pass their paper to a fellow physics major that is not in their research group to check the paper for clarity before it is submitted for publication.


All illustrations, figures, and tables should be computer-generated. They should also be of good enough quality that they can be resized appropriately. It is the author's responsibility to clear any rights or permissions for images and figures they wish to include.


A descriptive caption should be provided for each illustration or table.


Equations should appear on separate lines, and all equations should be numbered.


Please include a references section. Entries should appear numerically in the order that they were first cited in the manuscript. JURP uses the Chicago Manual of Style as a guideline for reference formats. Example:

1. Minow, Newton N., and Craig L. LaMay. Inside the Presidential Debates: Their Improbable Past and Promising Future. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2008.

2. Blair, Walter. "Americanized Comic Braggarts." Critical Inquiry 4, no. 2 (1977): 331-49.

Publication Information

The Journal is published online, with papers published as they are accepted. Selected articles from JURP may be featured in the SPS Observer, especially the summer printed issue, and possibly in Radiations, the official publication of the physics honor society, Sigma Pi Sigma. Those chapters designated as Sigma Pi Sigma Undergraduate Research Award winners are especially encouraged to submit articles.

History of the Journal

The Journal of Undergraduate Research in Physics (JURP) began with the April 22-23, 1979, meeting of the SPS National Council in a recommendation of the Communications Committee, chaired by Dr. Rexford Adelberger of Guilford College. The Committee recommended the "establishment of a new publication devoted to student work." The 1980 Council minutes record, "If SPS is interested in pursuing this type of journal, there is a need to identify a potential editor who will make a relatively long term commitment...Dr. Askew mentioned that Dr. Adelberger was totally committed to this project and was to be suggested for the position of editor." In 1981, the AIP Executive Committee approved the founding of JURP, and Dr. Adelberger was named as its editor.

At the 1982 Council Meeting, JURP was described as the "newest AIP journal" with a small but enthusiastic subscriber base. By 1987, the SPS Executive Committee voted to make JURP an on-membership benefit for all SPS members, a step that was implemented in 1988. In 2002, JURP became an electronic journal.

After more than 20 years as its editor, in 2007 Dr. Adelberger retired from being JURP's editor, and the position was given to Dr. Dwight E. Neunschwander of Southern Nazarene University. Dr. Neunschwander still serves as the Editor for JURP.